• Management systems for ICT monitoring and administration
  • Application functionality testing systems (functional and performance testing)
  • Designing of processes in accordance with ITIL recommendations and implementation of software solutions to support the ITIL processes
  • Information systems security enhancement solutions
  • Unauthorised IT infrastructure intrusion detection systems - IDS
  • Systems for managing identities and access to organisation’s IT resources - Identity Management System
  • Solutions for digital processing, archiving and management of documents - Document Management
We integrate management systems of various manufacturers.

PromiNet implements management systems allowing identification of IT service failures (hardware failures, operator’s failures, subcontracted service failures, backup system activations, information system attacks, etc.). These systems allow identifying symptoms of IT service quality deterioration (long response times, low throughput, high failure rate, etc.).

Implemented management systems provide a quick overview of the status of all IT system components. They show the status of individual IT systems (IT services), links between the systems (to identify failure causes and impacts) and event history (failures, incidents).

PromiNet implements systems supporting the service administration in accordance with ITIL recommendations: automation of processes such as Incident Management (failure and user support request management), Problem Management, Configuration Management (for creating a central registry of IT components), Change Management (for IT infrastructure planning and change management) , Service Level Management (for inspecting and evaluation of compliance with agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA)).