Services and development

PromiNet provides comprehensive services in the following areas:
  • Solution architecture design
  • Process design
  • Management systems implementation
  • System optimisation and customisation
  • Training of system users and administrators
  • Solution service in accordance with a Service Level Agreement

PromiNet lays a great emphasis on the implementation of customers’ specific requirements. Add-on modules developed for this purpose extend the functionalities and tailor the solution to reflect specific customer’s needs to the maximum extent possible.

Main areas of development include:
  • Add-on modules - for extending standard management system functionalities
  • Integration modules - allowing the central management system to be interconnected with other systems (integration with management systems of various manufacturers)
  • Management adapters - for the monitoring of specific parameters of technologies and/or services (e.g. technologies without IP connectivity, or technologies with no compatible management interface)
To develop integration interfaces, management adapters and add-ons PromiNet has its own developers with expertise in:

Unix (HP-UX, Sun Solaris, AIX, Linux, Tru64), Windows
C/C++, Perl, Java, Pascal, Shell scripting, assembler, SQL
Visual C, X-Motif, Perl/Tk
HTML, XML, Java script, CGI
API pre OpenView, OpC, ECS, HP OV ECS Designer language