PromiNet staff have extensive experience with:
  • Implementations of HP Operations (for Unix and Windows)
  • Implementations of IBM Tivoli Netcool (OMNIbus, Webtop, Impact, RAD, Reporter...)
  • Implementations of Cisco Information Center
  • Implementations of HP NNM
  • Implementations of HP ServiceDesk and HP Service Manager
  • Implementations of HP OpenView Reporter
  • Implementations of HP OpenView Performance Insight
  • Process design according to ITIL and SOX
  • Implementations of processes according to ITIL
  • Implementations of Element management systems
  • (Alcatel A4755, A4760, Alcatel Omnivista 2000, Alcatel X-Vision, NortelNetworks Optivity, Ericsson NMS/E, 3Com Transcend, HP Insight Manager, …)
  • Development of new management adapters
  • Development of new integration adapters
  • Designing of information security management systems according to ISO 27001

PromiNet staff have experience with using SNMP agents for monitoring of approximately 200 types of various components: e.g. active network components, operation systems, databases, applications, disk arrays, archiving devices, security systems, UPS, telemetry devices, technology systems, Element management systems and more.

PromiNet staff have experience with the integration of the following, so called, Element management systems: NEC 4753 TX, Rohde&Schvarz NV 7130, Ericsson Minilink, Ericsson MMS/E, Lucent ITM-SC, Alcatel A1354 RH, A1353 SH, Alcatel A4755 and A4760, Alcatel OmniVista 2000 and X-Vision, CiscoWorks LMS and RWAN, Cisco ISC, Cisco CallManager, Cisco StrataView, Ciso Information Center, NortelNetworks Optivity, 3Com Transcend, HP Insight Manager, HP OV NNM, HP OV ServiceDesk, HP OV Performance Insight, HP OV Performance Manager, HP OV Reporter, HP OV Internet Services, HP OV Transaction Analyzer, HP OV Radia, HP StorageWorks, CA Unicenter NSM, CA Unicenter Spectrum, CA Unicenter AMO, CA Unicenter ServiceDesk, IBM Director, IBM FASt Storage Manager, Micromuse ONMIbus, Micromuse Webtop, Micromuse Precision, Micromuse Reporter, InfoVista, Cramer and more.